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Cocktail Friday: Whiskey Sour

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Last night's Harvest Moon has us at Dandy Roll feeling in full swing autumn! This Friday we've chosen to recreate a whiskey sour, a staple in citrus-based cocktails, to warm us up for the weekend as the temperatures begin to steadily drop. Our whiskey sour may have a bit longer of a prep time, but with longer nights we can spare a couple more minutes to enjoy a classic cocktail elevated with Portland Syrups unique citrus-passionfruit flavor. 




  • 2 oz of your favorite whiskey
  • 2 oz Portland’s Citrus-Passionfruit Syrup
  • 4 oz lemon juice (fresh or store-bought!)
  • granulated white sugar (enough for rim)
  • Lemon (cut into coins)
  • Ice


  1. Mix all liquids together and sugar in a cocktail shaker overtop ice. Shake well. 
  2. Use lemon juice to wet rim of a rock glass. Pour sugar onto a flat plate and gently roll the rim around in sugar. 
  3. Strain cocktail from shaker and garnish with lemon peel (optional).

While enjoying this drink, you can celebrate the beginning of October with our latest staff playlist.

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