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Save the Bees!

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If you've been paying attention to the news over the past several years, then you probably know that bees are dying at an alarming rate, and that with the advent of the "murder hornet" in North America, concern for the bees has only grown. 

As a part of our focus on sustainability and eco-friendly focus, we wanted to highlight some of the products that we carry that help save the bees!


1. For Rest and Relaxation:

When things get stressful, there's nothing like sliding down into a nice, warm bath and zoning out. Generation Bee bath soaks, and some Cave Glow bees' wax taper candles are perfect for those moments!

2. For Reading:

As we find that we have more time to ourselves, we're all taking some time for introspection. Be More Bee is the perfect book for someone looking for some advice in these strange, strange times!

3. For Decorating:

We have to admit, we're maybe a little biased being in Arkansas (and having the honeybee as our state insect), but we love having them adorn our walls!


4: For the Little Ones:

Here at Dandy Roll, we have something for everyone, and that includes the young ones: you can snatch up these sweet blocks from Uncle Goose, or grab a fantastic book for them to peruse as well!


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