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New Arrival: Heaven In Earth

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Heaven in Earth is an American-based, online merchant that believes useful is beautiful. It’s the Mom & Pop shop of the modern age; without a brick and mortar to their name, they’ve found stable success in the anonymity of the internet. The husband/wife power duo, Jocelyn and Justin, have created a line of products that provide utility without sacrificing quality.

Feather Duster - $22

The new line of beechwood-based products are the perfect sustainable alternatives to common plastic household items that are suitable and accessible for all lifestyles. Each product is made from 100% raw-sourced material and compostable plant fibre; but what does that mean for you? Heaven in Earth carries these all-natural products in a kitchen line that brings us back to the basics (with dish brushes, pan brushes, cup brushes and feather dusters) which means that you can use fewer items while cleaning and feel good about your purchase.

Pot and Pan Brush - $8

When using your product remember that it’s made from raw material! It’s great for the environment, but it’s still natural so make sure to dry the brushes between uses to prevent wood discoloration or water-related damage. Once they’ve reached their last use you can easily compost or break the wood down (beechwood makes excellent firewood!) without contributing to the growing landfills.

Vegetable Brush - $10

Dish Brush - $10

Cup Brush - $12

Here at Dandy Roll we believe everyone should have access to sustainable products and we’re excited for our community to find these rare gems are almost all under $15! Purchasing a Heaven in Earth product is a win for Mother Nature and a win for your pocket.

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