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Autumnal Picks!

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Yesterday, I left my apartment in t-shirts and shorts and promptly ran back inside to grab a jacket before I could even make it to my car. Needless to say, October crept up on me. Like many of you, this year has felt like I’ve been absorbed in my school and work trying to distract myself from the impacts of the virus. The cold wind hit me like a revelation and the prospect of entering another fall season filled me with a surprising sense of normalcy. It’s been a long seven months since the United States officially issued the first of many phases of quarantine. We’re now in the phase where we’re beginning to slowly reopen stores, but the changes in our communities are nearly impossible to ignore. But I’m looking positively into the future; life doesn’t have to be on pause. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep my spirits up is to treat myself and my space with kindness. My home is not a prison but a sanctuary.

Autumn is the season where people slowly start staying indoors more and more, and maintaining a sense of togetherness has never been more important. We have the perfect products to create the coziest atmosphere in your sanctuary and our new fall collection walks the line between casual, comfortable, and chic (exactly the look I’ve been going for on the weekly trip to the grocery store). Enjoy the season, grasp at every falling leaf, try and catch the moment the green leaves the foliage, live slowly. Oh! And don’t forget to tune into our November playlist, this time you’ll be listening to all my favorite songs that remind me of autumn!

Wear your masks, socially and physically distance, stay safe, and make sure to go vote this November 3.

  1. The Salzberg Blazer and James Pants (Blazer, $98.00, Pants, $76.50)
  2. Sezanna Dress ($98.00)
  3. “Love Is A Dog From Hell” by Charles Bukowski ($17.99)
  4. Leopald Corduroy Pant ($81.00)
  5. Galata Sand Blazer ($104.00)
  6. Cave Glow Spiral Taper Candle ($20)
  7. Elcee Sweater ($54.00)
  8. Generation Bee Vial ($14.00)
  9. Westbourne Sweater ($54.00)
  10. Innsbruck Sweater ($70.00)
  11. Boxpark Jacket ($104)
  12. Mystery Missions Coaster Game ($8.95)

(Galata Sand Blazer, $104)

(Innsbruck Sweater, $70.00)

(The Salzberg Blazer,  $98.00 and James Pants, $76.50)

(Sezanna Dress, $98.00)

(Boxpark Jacket, $104)

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