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Black Russians

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There's nothing like a little hair of the dog to get you back into fighting shape after a rough Friday night. Most people reach for a Blood Mary, some a bottle of Bailey's, but let us show you your new favorite addition to you bar book: the Black Russian. 

Everyone knows its creamier partner, the White Russian, but this recipe is made to get you ready to go. Part vodka, part coffee liquor, part Onyx Coffee Lab Nitro Cold Brew, our Black Russian is crafted to get you going and taste delicious.


SERVING SIZE:// 1 cocktail


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Coffee Liquor (we used Kahlua)
  • 12 oz Nitro Cold Brew
  • Ice


  1. Start by putting the ice in the glass. That may seem like an obvious step, but since we're using cold brewed coffee, we're not worried about stirring it to make the drink cold, but we don't want to add it to a cocktail shaker and dilute it with water.
  2. Add your vodka, then coffee liquor.
  3. Gently add your cold brew so that it mixes, but not all at once. You don't want to pour it in and disperse all the nitrogen gas out of the coffee. It's the nitrogen that gives the coffee a more creamy texture and enriches the drink to more than vodka and coffee liquor!
  4. Enjoy with a hearty meal of bacon and eggs!

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