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All Hallow’s Eve

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In our modern times, Halloween has been an overzealous reproduction of Hollywood caricatures and offensive stereotypes. Halloween as we know it now is far removed from its original pagan roots. Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, was celebrated as the welcoming of the autumn harvest and the beginning of the dark half of the year. For witchcraft practitioners, it was known as Samhain (sow•when), one of eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year to mark the beginning and middle of every season. For practitioners like myself, the Blue Moon tonight lands on the night of Samhain, an extremely rare occurrence and the perfect time to manifest, set intentions and collect moon water that will be undeniably powerful.

The Blue Moon will rise in Taurus tonight, but what does that mean for you? In astrology, full moons represent the most vulnerable parts of ourselves coming forward and with this full moon rising into Taurus’ arena means your sense of emotional and social stability will be tested and unexpected events may bring you a harsh reality but will amplify the growth you have started out on.

If you're starting your spiritual journey, this list is composed of items that you likely have around or are inexpensive and I’ll show you how I use them in my practices! Remember, spirituality is specific to every individual and the way I practice may not resonate with you and that's okay! You can take these steps as loose guidelines until you find what works best for yourself, which is a good first lesson in focusing on your own energy. 

  1. Taper candles: these taper candles will help with manifestations and spells. The color of candles have been thought to aid in manifesting certain goals. Easier thoughts lead to quicker manifestations! Whenever I try to meditate I like to light either a white or yellow candle as both colors help with cleansing, clarity, and memory. When manifesting, concentrate on what your goal is while lighting your candle and keep the image of it in your mind until either the flame burns out itself or you feel the intention has taken root. Some practitioners find it taboo to blow out a candle because breath is a spiritually powerful tool and the act is akin to dismissing all the intention setting you had just done. If blowing out a candle doesn't fit your path you can always snuff a candle out or pinch it.
  2. Neo Tarot Deck: as beautiful as they are prophetic, tarot decks are thought to utilize the energy of a person or their spirit guide to deliver messages to help on their spiritual journey. These cards can provide amazing insight in the self and our actions allowing us to become more introspective about the areas we need to grow in. Each card has two meanings depending on whether they’re facing upright or upside down. Each suit has 13 cards each with their own definition and because they get so confusing I find it helpful to look up the meaning. This also helps with clarity of the message as my tarot reading still needs some work. Some ground rules however; even if you aren't using them seriously be respectful about the practice, never do tarot on family members, never ask questions about death or fate.
  3. Generation Bee Soaking Vial: Self care can be magic too! These natural ingredients are all perfect for focusing on the self, your passions, and grounding your ambitions to recharge your energy. Light a candle and let yourself enjoy a luxurious bath while your inner balance aligns itself again. 
  4. Apothecary Candle: The aromatherapy that these candles provide can be great when trying to quickly clear your headspace. Eucalyptus, clove leaf, jasmine, smoky Palo Santo wood, and earthy amber scents all to keep you in your element. 
  5. Bandana: bandanas are more than a fun hair accessory; some spiritual practitioners use bandanas as veils. These veils are common for empaths, often they'll sew protective symbols along the edges to protect the wearer from negative or harmful energy. The sentiment is similar to nuns who wear head coverings, hijabis, and yamakas, and often helps those that practice feel closer to their belief.
  6. Art is always impactful for your home, and we have plenty of prints for you as well: there's the California Condor, or the Grip of Death, both of which are framed in wood sourced from here in Northwest Arkansas, and have UV protective glass!

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