Veles All Purpose Cleaner
Veles All Purpose Cleaner

Veles All Purpose Cleaner

Veles introduces their all purpose cleaner as the first "closed-loop" cleaning product. Made from 97% food waste and 3% sustainably sourced fragrances, Veles "reduces greenhouse gas emissions by offering an alternative to landfill disposal for wasted food. They've also simplified the supply chain and reduced the amount of raw materials needed to make each bottle. This cleaner has been lab tested and has proven to be just as effective as other household cleaners. So you can get the same streak-free shine, while building a more sustainable life.


  • 16 oz. per bottle
  • 97% of each bottle is made from food waste
  • All natural, renewable ingredients. No petrochemicals.
  • Reusable aluminum bottle
  • Zero-waste
  • Sustainably made