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Heartell Press Cards

It can be hard to find the right card or gift to express how you feel, especially when the people you care about are going through hard times. The folks at Heartell Press use sustainable materials and simple block print illustrations to create meaningful cards and gifts so you can nurture your relationships through all of life's ups and downs. Their Art for Change Project is a collection of postcards (great for sending to elected representatives) and art prints that generate funding for organizations that support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ small business owners. Abundance is a state of mind that’s easier to cultivate when you have sustainable tools that let you focus on what’s important, and their Generous Kitchen collection of screen printed kitchen towels, Swedish sponge cloths, greeting cards and art prints celebrate the ingredients you love (and the memories and experiences they evoke) using eco-friendly materials so you can savor every moment with the people care about. Heartell Press is a women-owned and operated small business based in Indiana. Their story started when printmaker and illustrator Rachel Kroh was inspired to hand-carve woodblocks and print them to make cards after she had trouble finding the kind of warm, sincere designs she wanted to send to her mom who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Since then Heartell Press has grown to a small but mighty team of five, committed to helping you savor every moment of feeling, flavor, sensation and connection with the people who matter most to you.