Treat YOURSELF 2020

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Things are hectic right now, to say the least, and if you’re not in an almost constant state of stress, please tell us your secret. We talked with everyone working here at Dandy Roll to come up with a few ways that you can snag a moment of peace in these wild days. 

Sophie’s Picks: Pinky Up Infuser Mug, Stellar Factory Pizza Puzzles, Dandy Roll Book Club

Sophie’s Review: “I’m always on the lookout for mugs with lids because they help keep my coffee warm, and this one comes with an infuser for loose-leaf teas as well! The Pizza Puzzles are something to keep your hands busy while giving your mind a rest, and the confidence boost when you finish is greatly appreciated. Plus pizza is delicious, maybe eat some while you puzzle for an immersive experience. Finally, a good book to get lost in and someone else picks it out for you so you don’t have to make that decision? Plus it comes with a community of people to talk about it with? Trifecta.”

Madison’s Picks: Good & Well Supply Candles, Fringe Planners, Generation Bee Bath Soaks

Maddie’s Review: “With dates and events constantly fluctuating, it’s nice to have a planner to keep track of all of my appointments and meetings. Plus, I like having something forward to in the evenings with my candle!”

Kylie’s Picks: Brouke Touring Bag, Chai Tea from Big Heart Tea, Fringe Figure Sketch Book

Kylie’s Review: “Social distancing has been a great opportunity for me to use my Brouke Touring bag! I was able to escape town for a little bit and get back to nature for some relaxation. Having a nice glass of Chai in the morning when I wake up is always a perk, and having a glass while I sketch in my notepad is always nice.”

Evenne: Apothecary Candles + Safety Matches, Portland Syrups Soda Mixers, Cup of Sunshine Tea

Evenne’s Review: “Typically a treat yourself day would include an evening with friends, playing games and drinking coffee, but covid has changed things. So lately I’ve been finding enjoyment from lighting my favorite candle, making a cup of tea, my recent go to is Bungalow from Smith Tea co, or making a coffee using Portland syrups, and putting on my favorite album. Oh and cuddling with my pup, but I feel like that’s a given.”

Kat: Deco Highball Glasses, Lost Lust Supply Lunar Bee Enamel Pin, + Birds Bandana

Kat’s Review: “I love to treat myself to things I will use over and over but will add a special perk to my day. Wearing fun details like the bandana and enamel pin add unique details to everyday outfits, especially during quarantine. And I love to end the day with a fun cocktail in my highball glasses.”

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