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Product Feature: Lund Water Bottles

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Southern summers don’t conform to farmer’s almanacs. The strong-bodied heat tends to linger longer and longer each year, bleeding into the start of the school term. Water bottles are a necessity to combat the hot days, but it's almost too easy to forget to bring one on your day. In my experience, water bottles have always been a challenge to remember but Lund London has created one too colorful and customizable to pass on. With sizes ranging from 10oz to 17oz, these stainless steel tumblers are a great way to keep anything hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (up tto 24 hours) while adding a pop of color into your routine. Plus, they're BPA free, making them better for you and the environment.

Lund London is a European-based company with working sites in Switzerland and France headed by Daniel Lund Savage. His real pursuit is to simply challenge himself and try out new techniques and new designs, elevating his pieces into unique yet practical products. Daniel works alongside craftsmen that he trusts to help table new concepts and start the flow of production; his personal involvement with each project speaks to his dedication in delivering the highest quality in his products. The process of design is painstakingly meticulous, and often the design team will trial test and redesign before doing it all over again just to make sure that they’re products are practical, beautiful and built to last.


17oz Skittle Bottle, $37.95


10oz Skittle Bottle, $27.95

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