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Living Sustainably

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To many, the idea of living sustainably seems daunting. The culture that’s been built up around eco-friendly lifestyles have understandably been very polarizing. At its most aesthetically appealing, sustainable living looks like solar-powered homes, mason jars with dried foods, woven canvas bags, no-makeup, all natural, toothpaste that comes in the shape of a pill. And at its worst, expensive, inconvenient, ineffective. When I first began approaching a more sustainable way of living I felt burdened to conform to this very picturesque version of sustainability in order to be “doing it right.” This idea of a “right” way to living green is simply not true and in fact hinders others from vital participation.

Unfortunately, the common person can feel like the future of the world in its entirety relies on each of their decisions as consumers. While we as a global population can make more conscious choices in our day to day habits to help the earth, some of the largest contributors to climate change and production of greenhouse gases are far out of our control. But there is always a silver lining. Although we can’t individually dismantle the pollution of destructive industries, we can put our money where our mouth is and support brands that reflect the environmental beliefs we hold! By supporting sustainable brands, we contribute less to the production and funding of more harmful companies. Small decisions, powerful outcomes.

Everyone should have access to a more sustainable lifestyle and to disprove the idea that only the wealthy can partake in saving the environment here are 15 products under $30 to help you start your sustainable journey featuring our recent restock of Earth & Daughter products!

Earth & Daughter is a small, Austin-based company founded in 2014 with the philosophy of creating vegan, low-waste, plastic-free household products more affordable. Their biodegradable product line is completely plastic-free and compostable, too! The plant fiber used is effective enough to get rid of grease and gentle enough to use on skin. Earth & Daughter is so committed to making products you can feel good about buying that they have recently renovated their manufacturing facility to be completely solar-powered! You can shop some of our favorite products here on Dandy Roll.


Vegan Biodegradable Sponge, $8
Perks: Biodegradable/compostable, plastic-free, vegan

Long Handle Dish Brush, $10
Perks: Biodegradable, plastic-free, vegan

    Dish Soap Bar, $5.98
    Perks: sulfate-free, paraben-free, plastic-free packaging

    Dish Brush, $8
    Perks: Biodegradable, plastic-free, vegan

    Veles All Purpose Cleaner, $21.99
    Perks: The first closed loop cleaner made domestically! A closed loop product means that producing it is resource negative and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. No petrochemicals.

    Perks: all-natural, plant-base

    Siblings DIY Candle, $28
    Perks: paraffin-free, petroleum-free, plastic-free packaging


    Silicone Straw Set, $12
    Perks: bpa-free, reusable, comes with cleaning tool

    Cotton Market Bag Set, $12
    Perks: reusable, organic cotton, plastic-free, dye-free

    Little Rabbit Reusable Canvas Lunch Bags, $20
    Perks: reuseable, plastic free, washable, made from natural fibers

    Viski Glacier Rocks, $19.99
    Perks: reuseable, plastic-free

    Dandy Roll Book Club Tote, $15
    Perks: reuseable, plastic-free

    If you’re looking to further educate yourself and to make more informed decisions when purchasing, we suggest these three books to help you on your sustainability journey.

    • Erin Rhoads “Waste Not Everyday” ($14.99)
    • Jen Chillingsworth “Clean Green” ($12.99)
    • Jen Chillingsworth “Live Green” ($12.99)

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