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Handmade Feature – Stationed By Hand

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 "It has helped me personally to make this stationary (...) It is truly a therapeutic experience for me anytime I am working on an order.”

Shamese, Creator of Stationed by Hand

There is such a constant, sometimes overwhelming stream of new information that I've wanted to take some time to really slow down and anchor myself in the present. Between fast fashion and social media, trends are rising and falling all in the matter of days. It can be draining. Our hunger for slower, more meaningful forms of creativity led us to discovering Stationed by Hand.

SBH is a small, Connecticut-based stationery brand that combines traditional Japanese stab binding and non-traditional textiles to create exceptional handmade journals. And the mastermind behind it all? Shamese.

Before it was Stationed by Hand, it was a personal passion project for her. Shamese was in search of a new creative outlet when she stumbled upon the art of Japanese stab binding and fell enamored. The timeless simplicity of the textiles and stitch work inspired her to pick up the practice and create SBH where she continues to honor East Asian culture in each of her products. But the beauty of the product goes beyond the cover or the intricate binding—Stationed by Hand
journals are made with unlined, unbleached paper to maximize the creative flow that sometimes dilutes when it’s restricted by line spacing and margins.

Shamese’s compassion, sincerity and skill are apparent in the quality of all her handmade journals.

To support Shamese and her growing brand you can donate to her Patreon here
or purchase her products here on Dandy Roll! We carry four gorgeous prints in three sizes for any and every creative impulse you have.

Sevenberry Waves Journal, $16 - $32


Mushroom Notepad, $16 - $24


Luxembourg Notepad, $16 - $32


Ice Cream Notepad, $16 - $24

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