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Cucumber Gin + Tonic

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It’s the cusp of the end of our second week back to school and there are a lot of mixed emotions. We hear you! We know that it’s easy to feel like responsibilities are piling up already, so let’s step back, breathe deep and appreciate the small things. (This short list of ingredients can count as one of those small things.) This week’s cocktail has all the refreshing elements of cucumber eye masks from the spa, and all the kick of a G+T--cucumber water on steroids, if you will. It’s surprisingly light and the perfect accent to a stay-at-home brunch! While enjoying, visit Dandy Roll's Spotify to see the September playlist curated by our sales associate, Kylie!

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  • 1 litre tonic
  • 375 mL of gin
  • 1 cucumber; cut into coins
  • Mint (optional)
  • Squeeze of lime (optional)


Add your gin and cucumber coins to a large pitcher. Add your tonic and mix gently. Pour over ice and garnish with a cucumber and mint to preference.

*Pro tip: if you’re going to garnish or mix with mint leaves (or even basil leaves!) give it a good smack with the flat of your palm! This helps to release those bright flavor notes while preventing oxidation so your drink can keep that vibrant green color!

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